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Group STVA Partnership


april 2017

We signed a partnership & representative contract with STVA for Romania to provide high quality services in vehicle trade. The vehicles are loaded in DACIA Pitesti factory, with GERMANY/ NEUSEDDIN as final destination, having the National Railway Operator CFR MARFA as partners.

About STVA

60 Years - Experience
320 MIL EURO - Turnover
2150  - Employees
2,85 MIL - Transported vehicles/year

ATS represents the French partner’s interests on Romanian territory and manages all operations in DACIA factory

  • Gate release quality check according to Client’s quality standards (NEC) and ISO 9001:2015

  • Cars loading and chocking on the wagons.

  • Necessary documentations in relation with the factory and other parties involved (security company, transport operator, etc).

  • Traction on the Romanian territory

  • The technical check and preventive mentenance of LAERRS wagons fleet. ( about 100 wagons in the fleet)

  • Daily tracking and notification of train’s position.

  • Solution and follow up of commercial issues between the Client and the Providers


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Regular LAMINATE Product Transport


InJanuary 2018 we started a regular traffic of flat-rolled products, with Italy as final destination, and Arcelor Mittal / Pestis Romania as loading place. This traffic has an important traffic for the export of Romanian flat-rolled products, since the estimated volumes for the first year of collaboration is 30 000 tones for various Italian destinations (Verona, Rezzato, Cremona).

30 000 TONS/YEAR

We ensure traction solutions and wagons for general goods, which are appropriate for the type of goods in question, whether they are transported internally or internationally. This is possible thanks to our collaborations that give us access to a rail yard which includes different kinds of wagons (EA, FA, Rils, Sggns, Uacs etc).

Servicii furnizate :

  • Traction organization and delivery planning
  • Documente de transport
  • Follow up zilnic